An Idea for a Self-sustaining Nonprofit

As reported by the Fargo Monthly, an interesting idea for creating a business that will provide total support for a nonprofit enterprise. Local Surgeon Builds 100 Percent Self-Sufficient Nonprofit, The JTG Foundation by Andrew Jason on Nov 22, 2016 Not settled with just giving to charities, Mitch Goldstein knew there had to be a better … Continue reading An Idea for a Self-sustaining Nonprofit

Good News for a Change

"For the entire history of the human species until the 1960s, a majority of adults were illiterate. Now 85 percent of adults worldwide are literate and the share is rising," Nicholas Kristof notes in a September 22 New York Times op-ed, The Best News You Don't Know. However, most people in the United States don't … Continue reading Good News for a Change

A Resolution That Sees Beyond the Self

In her January 14 column, Lonnae O'Neal suggests that, for this new year, we resolve to be mindful of others — and act on that awareness consistently, responsibly, and respectfully. Must the poor lose privacy before we give? by Lonnae O'Neal, I had never heard the term “poverty porn” — the idea of using … Continue reading A Resolution That Sees Beyond the Self

Why Adult Basic Education Matters

Minnesota Adult Basic Education has a YouTube channel where they are posting a series of Hot Ideas videos on Why ABE Matters. In the six 30-minute videos, adult ed professionals give TED-Talk-like presentations based in their experience working with adults who are developing literacy and English language skills. The videos are informative and powerful -- … Continue reading Why Adult Basic Education Matters

(Re) Introducing Key Words

Friends and colleagues, after a great ten-year run at the Center for Applied Linguistics, I am moving on to new challenges and new adventures. Over the summer I will be transitioning from staff to consultant status, and by autumn I will once again be working for myself. I'll be doing business under the name Key … Continue reading (Re) Introducing Key Words