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Adult Ed & Family Literacy Week 2017

AEFL Week is here! And here are links to resources that you can use to promote adult education and family literacy in your communities and with your legislators. National Coalition for Literacy resource page: http://national-coalition-literacy.org/adult-education-and-family-literacy-week/aefl-week-resources/ World Education blog series on The Well: http://thewell.worlded.org/raising-our-civic-voices/ TESOL resource page: http://www.tesol.org/advance-the-field/advocacy-resources/aefl-resources Educate & Elevate Campaign Toolkit: http://educateandelevate.org/campaign-tools/

Highlighting Literacy Success Stories

This week two corporations that have long supported adult and family literacy are launching a new social media campaign "aimed at educating customers on the positive impact literacy and reading advancements can make in one’s life and inspiring people to continually look to learn and reach their own educational goals." The campaign, Here's My Story, … Continue reading Highlighting Literacy Success Stories

Literacy in a Digital World

Friday September 8 is UNESCO International Literacy Day. The theme for 2017 is "literacy in a digital world." According to the UNESCO ILD website, the day's "overall aim [is] to look at what kind of literacy skills people need to navigate increasingly digitally-mediated societies, and to explore effective literacy policies and programmes that can leverage … Continue reading Literacy in a Digital World

Parents’ Education => Children’s Academic Success

In an August 22 blog post, Education Week's Marva Hinton reports on a new study that demonstrates the connections between children's early home environment and the development and persistence of their academic skills through 5th grade. The study, conducted by Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda and colleagues at New York University and published online in Applied Developmental … Continue reading Parents’ Education => Children’s Academic Success

The Positive Power of the Arts

This summer the research and advocacy organization Americans for the Arts has released the report Arts & Economic Prosperity 5: The Economic Impact of Nonprofit Arts & Cultural Organizations & Their Audiences. We know that the arts and cultural resources contribute to community and individual quality of life in a variety of ways; this report … Continue reading The Positive Power of the Arts

Editors as Essential Gatekeepers

Editage Insights is an invaluable resource for academics and others seeking to publish their work in professional peer-reviewed journals. Today's post on the site is the insightful op-ed Shining a Light on Editorial Integrity by Peggy L. Chinn, professor emerita of nursing at the University of Connecticut. The piece notes the essential role of editors … Continue reading Editors as Essential Gatekeepers

Clarity, Tone, and Writing by Numbers

Here's a blog post on clear writing from Amy Laburda of Palisades Hudson Financial Group. A few of her key points: Be careful with terms of art, sometimes known as jargon. "Using jargon with other professionals in your area isn’t actually a problem, most of the time," says Laburda. "The problem arises when you try … Continue reading Clarity, Tone, and Writing by Numbers

Defining and Promoting Success for Adult Charter Schools

The July 13, 2017 issue of the Washington City Paper included a detailed report by Rachel M. Cohen on adult charter schools in the District of Columbia: Where D.C. has failed on adult education, charter schools fill the void. This lengthy article is worth reading in its entirety because it provides the context for understanding … Continue reading Defining and Promoting Success for Adult Charter Schools

Digital Learning in Adult Basic Education: Perspectives and Potential

Two news briefs caught my attention recently. Both described the report Evaluating Digital Learning for Adult Basic Literacy and Numeracy from SRI International, but they did so in quite different ways. The Digital Promise brief, "Digital Tools Support Adult Learning," asks "Do edtech tools support learning?" and says that "The answer, according to a new … Continue reading Digital Learning in Adult Basic Education: Perspectives and Potential

Revisiting the Power of the Written Word

This Huffington Post article by Susannah Meyer is as relevant today as when it was written in 2012. The Power of the Written Word By Susannah Meyer For centuries, back to a time which probably cannot be traced, the power of the written word has proved to be something incontrovertibly sublime. The written word has … Continue reading Revisiting the Power of the Written Word