Advocacy is central to an organization’s ability to achieve its goals, fulfill its mission, and make a difference in the world. We develop powerful, positive advocacy narratives for adult education, social service, and arts organizations to use in their outreach. In addition, through workshops and mentoring, we train staff and board members to advocate powerfully themselves for their organizations, their fields, and their people.

We bring a strengths-based approach to all of our advocacy work. Our narratives combine data on needs and impacts with illustrations of what works and why, and our training teaches participants to depict their organizations as builders and sustainers of a rich and resilient civil society. Our work presents our client organizations as integral to their communities; it creates connections that generate support from the broader community and responsiveness from policy makers.

Our focus on assets and strengths gives our clients the power to

  • Tell their stories to the community, demonstrating the ways in which their work connects with community needs and goals
  • Tell their stories to decision-makers, so that they understand the organization’s contributions and enact policies that support its work
  • Tell their stories to donors and grant makers, to elicit their support
Representative Activities

Adult Educators Make the Best Advocates. Presentation at the annual conference of the Coalition for Adult Basic Education, Orlando, FL, April 2017.

Advocating for Adult Education with Narratives That Engage. Presentation at the annual conference of the Commission on Adult Basic Education, Dallas, TX, April 2016.

Powerful Narratives and Effective Advocacy for Adult ESL Programs. Presentation at the annual conference of TESOL International, Baltimore, MD, April 2016

Frames and Assets in Communication. Invited panel presentation at the Cross Cultural Communication Symposium, Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, Hartford, CT, January 2016.

Resources for Advocacy

A list of recent resources that practitioners can use to inform their advocacy for adult  education and adult learners.