Relevant, high quality professional development keeps teachers engaged and effective. We provide web-based and face-to-face resources on topics and skill areas of importance to language teachers and adult education professionals.

  • The Essentials of Language Teaching: This website for language teachers provides descriptions and illustrations of current practices in second language education, including task-based instruction, the learner-centered classroom, understanding by design, and teaching for communicative competence.
  • Using Websites in ABE/ESL Teaching: Our online materials and face-to-face presentations demonstrate ways of evaluating site design, layout, and content and teaching adult learners to locate and understand information on life skills topics such as personal finance, health, nutrition, and career choices.
  • The Language of Money: These online materials guide adult educators in developing and using learning activities that build adult learners’ financial literacy and English language skills.
  • Focus on Assets in Language Teaching: These online materials and face-to-face presentations introduce the key understandings that underlie asset-based approaches to education and give teachers tools for applying these approaches in the adult education classroom.