Clear, concise writing is the key to presenting information effectively and professionally. We provide substantive editing and copyediting support in the field of language education for research organizations, associations, government agencies, and publishers of print and online material. Products include reports, white papers, books, journal articles, news stories, and web copy.

In editorial work, we seek to retain the distinctive voice of the author while increasing clarity, improving organization, and addressing audience needs and expectations. The goal is always to enhance the effectiveness of the author’s writing and to promote reader understanding and appreciation.

Recent Projects
  • Glisan, E., & Donato, R. Enacting the work of language instruction, vol. 2. Alexandria, VA: ACTFL.
  • Blok, S., Brinks Lockwood, R., & Frendo, E. The 6 principles for exemplary teaching of English learners: Academic and other specific purposes. Alexandria, VA: TESOL International.
  • Sustainable and responsible investing. Informational web page for parishes in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington.
  • Kurtz, D. L., & Paul, S. E. Managing conflicts of interest. Washington, DC: BoardSource.
  • Dutcher, N. Expanding educational opportunity in linguistically diverse societies. Washington, DC: Center for Applied Linguistics.
  • World Bank. Irrigation systems in Mali.
  • Crandall, J., & Kaufman, D. Content-based instruction in higher education settings. Alexandria, VA: Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

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