A little instruction can go a long way toward improving business writing skills. We provide workshops and mentoring for professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge and broaden their skill sets. Workshops can be provided in person, online, or in a blended face-to-face / online model. Individual and small-group mentoring uses face-to-face interaction, telephone/Skype communication, and email as appropriate for participants.

Business Writing Workshops

Our workshops address the needs of professionals who use the written word in internal and external communication. Instruction emphasizes clear, concise business and professional writing that presents information accurately and powerfully in print and online.

Sample writing workshop topics:

  • Business writing fundamentals
  • Writing for specific audiences
  • Cohesion, coherence, and organization of ideas
  • Style and tone
  • Secrets of successful sentences
  • Recognizing and avoiding plagiarism
  • Editing the writing of others

Topics can be combined and adapted to meet the needs and interests of workshop participants.

Writing for Non-native Speakers of English

In these workshops we address the particular needs of non-native speakers by combining essential business writing topics with attention to the intercultural aspects of written communication. Specialized topics may include typical structures for business documents; identification of appropriate style and tone; and understanding the expectations of American readers.

Individual Coaching

We also provide one-on-one mentoring for individual writers who are working on specific writing projects and products. We coach the writer through the drafting, revising, and editing processes, providing feedback that both improves the product under development and is applicable to future writing projects.

All writing workshop and coaching participants receive an annotated list of print and online resources for business writers. Each participant also completes a writing self-assessment at the beginning of the workshop. Using this assessment and participants’ completed writing exercises, we provide an individualized follow-up after the workshop with suggestions and resources for ongoing development of writing skills.