Editing / Copyediting

Clear, concise writing is the key to presenting information effectively and professionally. We provide substantive editing and copyediting support for research organizations, social service agencies, associations, government agencies, and publishers of print and online material. Products include reports, white papers, books, journal articles, news stories, and web copy. Our experience spans a variety of subject…

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Teacher Training

Our professional development workshops engage language teachers directly in defining their goals and desired learning outcomes. Training promotes active learning as it models task-based instruction, backward design, and flipped classroom approaches. Training can be provided in face-to-face, online, or hybrid workshop models. We also provide individual and small-group mentoring for teachers and maintain the teacher…

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Workplace and Life Skills English

Research shows that adults are motivated to learn when they see that the subject matter applies directly to their own life and work contexts. We create integrated instructional curriculum and materials that build reading and writing skills and oral English language proficiency through presentation of essential work and life skills content. We bring deep knowledge…

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Plain Language

Clear, straightforward writing can be the most efficient way to share essential information with a broad readership. Our editing, mentoring, and training services can help you increase the clarity and accessibility of your organization’s print- and web-based materials. Editing and training address the central tenets of plain language communication: Awareness and understanding of the reader…

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Proposal Writing

Strong articulation of project plans and careful adherence to proposal guidelines often distinguish proposals that are funded from those that are not. We develop technical proposals and capability statements that tell a persuasive story while connecting your project plans with funder priorities. We follow grant guidelines, requests for proposals, and performance work statements closely to…

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Advocacy is central to an organization’s ability to achieve its goals, fulfill its mission, and make a difference in the world. We develop powerful, positive advocacy narratives for adult education, social service, and arts organizations to use in their outreach. In addition, through workshops and mentoring, we train staff and board members to advocate powerfully…

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Writing Instruction

A little instruction can go a long way toward improving business writing skills. We provide workshops and mentoring for professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge and broaden their skill sets. Workshops can be provided in person, online, or in a blended face-to-face / online model. Individual and small-group mentoring uses face-to-face interaction, telephone/Skype communication, and…

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Technical Assistance

The organizations that are most competitive in a multilingual international environment are those that understand how to identify and benefit from employees’ existing language skills while meeting their training needs.

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