Editors as Essential Gatekeepers

Editage Insights is an invaluable resource for academics and others seeking to publish their work in professional peer-reviewed journals. Today’s post on the site is the insightful op-ed Shining a Light on Editorial Integrity by Peggy L. Chinn, professor emerita of nursing at the University of Connecticut. The piece notes the essential role of editors in educating their professional colleagues and the general public on the ways in which editorial standards assure the validity and reliability of published information.

Chinn writes,

“Unless members of a discipline are aware of standards for high-quality scientific conduct and reporting, as well as signs of poor research quality and poor standards for reporting and publishing, they are vulnerable to being drawn into the trap of publishing poorly conducted research in disreputable journals. This is a travesty for the individual and poses a real threat to the scientific integrity of the discipline.”

It’s a timely observation, given the many opportunities for publishing in less-than-reputable venues that are proliferating online.

Read the full article here.

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